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Lola's World

"I love the app for what it does and the skills that it enforces. Sweet B loves the app because it’s easy for her to use..." -

"The app has so much to offer kids and is very entertaining for them. Best of all they are learning while having fun. Win-win!" -

"Lola’s World develops and advances as your child advances" -

"Each level you experience something different making the game more fun and addicting" -

"The first few task were a little easy for (6-year-old Brandon), but we were able to do the full version. He liked it very much and did learn some new things. His favorite part was going on "missions" and the dress up. -

"My daughter really enjoys the game." - (received by email)

Lola's Math Train 2

"It is the perfect mix of learning and entertainment." - Coctails With Mom

"How to Help Your Child Like Math..." - Confessions of an Overworked Mom

"So much better than a boring paper worksheet!" - Life With 4 Boys

"This is definitely on my list of must have kids apps." - Must Have Mom

"shhhhh! They are learning math while having fun!" - The Mommyhood Chronicles

"She is sort of our reluctant student and pretends not to know the answer to things. Games like this help her build confidence..." - What's That Smell?

"... no matter what level your kids are on, they will have something to stimulate them." - Our Whiskey Lullaby

"With sokme good-looking graphics and a high level of fit and finish, Lola’s Math Train 2 is an excellent game for little ones to hone their math skills with." -

Lola's ABC Party 2

"As a former 1st grade teacher I wholeheartedly can approve of this beautiful game app for your child!" - My UnEntitled Life

"What we liked: the concept. Good range of activities. Spoken instructions and visual clues. Ease of use. Simple graphics and animations. No distracting elements." -

"Engaging game for preschoolers and early elementary school children that rewards them for successfully completing early learning skills important for school." - The iMums

Lola's ABC Party

"The Lola's ABC Party app is a great way to help your preschooler learn their alphabet!" -

"Lola’s ABC Party app is a great game for the preschool and kindergarten or 1st grade set - - - Your child will have a great time learning while playing." - My UnEntitled Life

"Before I even got to show her the app she found it for herself and Daddy reported that she was giggling away." - Kids in the Capital

"So my 5 year old and I agree that Lola’s ABC Party is a great bet for keeping your kids learning." - the Mom Buzz

"I especially loved the matching letter to its sound, or, what us speech folk call 'phonemic awareness'." -

Nintendo 3DS version:

"a solid learning tool for children just getting familiarized with the alphabet." - nintendolife

Lola's Math Ship

"Kids could get the hang of the gameplay fairly easily and be learning in no time." - The iPhone Mom

"We liked: the concept. Good 'game experience'. Simple graphics. Sounds and sound backgrounds. Ease of use. 7 language versions. " - Appysmarts

"Solid edutainment for a variety of ages." - Smart Apps For Kids

I Spy with Lola

"Children will enjoy the simple, yet fun gameplay – and I think that they will learn a lot in the process!" - The iPhone Mom

"Kids can learn while exploring the world and it’s objects." - Top Best Apps for Kids

"The different scenarios provided us with lots of oppportunities for conversation and vocabulary-building." - Apps4Kids

"Check out my video review as my son and I played the game" - The Mommy Factor

Lola's Math Train

"I really like math", my six-year-old announced - Geekmom, Melissa Wiley, WIRED

"Must for parents with children obsessed with their iPads, and those who want to help their children during the most formative years." -

"Not only fun for your child, but also very educational" -

"Lola’s Math Train is another quality app from BeiZ and I have to say Lola’s friends are absolutely adorable." - The iPhone Mom

Nintendo 3DS version:

"It’s accessible, functions intuitively, and has a charming aesthetic..." - nintendolife

"I just feel a need to write and tell y'all that this has been the BEST gaming investment for my toddler that I have ever made! She's learning to focus on counting, she's recognizing numbers better than ever, and as a bonus, she's learning how to be gentle with daddy's 3DS!" - (received by email)

Lola's Alphabet Train

"My son was playing it the entire first night I introduced the game to him, so that’s always a good sign in my opinion." – TheGamerWithKids

"It’s a great app to help on reading" – Apps4Kids

"This is a cute and engaging pre-k game. I recommend" – GiggleApps

"The graphics are cute and I appreciate the different levels of difficulty" – The iPhonemom - More from The iPhonemom

Nintendo 3DS/DSi version:

"It's a varied enough experience that children can learn from it in many different ways..." - nintendolife

Lola's Fruity Sudoku

"Lola's Fruity Sudoku provides loads of fun, and it really develops kids’ logical thinking" - Canadianladybug Reviews

"a game that strives to instruct kids on Sudoku principles at an easygoing pace -- and does a fair job of it, too" - Wiiloveit


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