Lola’s Learning Pack PRO helps group learning on big touch screen TVs significantly!

Designed for kids ages 3-8

Over 20 000 000 downloads

Recommended by daycares and schools around the world


Lola’s Learning Pack PRO on the big touchscreen significantly encourages collaborative group learning and teamwork skills!

Lola’s Learning Pack PRO has been designed to automatically scale to fit even the biggest Android touch screens. According to a study by The University of Tampere, using big touch screens for group learning allows children to help each other in learning tasks. Our applications for the big touchscreen include solutions for peer support that enable children to solve problems, carry out tasks or achieve goals that would otherwise be beyond their abilities.

Pricing: $ 150 / year / touch screen TV

Ask for a special offer for multiple screens or longer term!


Jussi-Pekka Koskiranta
[email protected]